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Bhopal: GST fear- Stock clearance sale begins early


Bhopal: The end of season sale has arrived this year but a bit early. Trader fraternity which is skeptical about the aftereffects of GST seems to be in hurry to clear their old stock before July 1. The season of sale which usually arrives in the last week of June has already begun with every big brand willing in rush to clear the unsold stock.

When Free Press spoke to showroom owners they too admitted that the sale has begun because of the apprehensions related to GST.
Jaiprakash who manages a showroom in one of city’s prominent malls says that the sale begins every year at this time, however, this year it started a bit early. He does not rule out the role of apprehensions related to GST behind it. He however adds that the company is not incurring any loss by preponing the sale.

Another showroom manager Saurabh too admits the role of GST behind it saying that the public is still not aware of the sale otherwise there is no loss to them. “We would have started the sale within a week or two but since the sale has been preponed we expect our customers to visit us and take advantage of the discounts”.

Not only the big brands but also the local shopkeepers are skeptical about the new tax system. Gufran Khan who runs a merchandise shop in new market says that he sold out his old stock at comparatively cheaper price owing to his fear about GST. He says that the GST has raised concern among our fraternity and that he did not want to bear any risk once the GST is rolled out hence decided to clear the old stock.

Another shopkeeper Ilhaam Khan too echoes similar views. “We are quite apprehensive about the situation once GST comes into being hence we decided to sell the old stock even if we suffer loss”.