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Bhopal: GST burns a hole in pocket of consumers


Bhopal: The implementation of GST has kicked up a row between roadside vendors and customers who are forced to pay higher prices for each item. The vendors say they are not at fault as they have paid higher prices to wholesalers but customers complain they are bearing the brunt of GST.

Yunus, a vendor selling suit pieces on cycle for past 28 years, said, “We are facing huge loss due to GST. Earlier we earned Rs 4,000 a day but now it is between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000. Wholesalers from whom we purchase items are charging higher from us because they are now paying GST. So, the prices of the same items are up by Rs 50 to 60,” adding, “but customers are not ready to pay. Now, I have to convince customers more than earlier,” he said.

“Recently, we went to eat pizza with my family and the shopkeeper charged Rs 590 for three persons. Earlier its price was Rs 480. When I asked the reason, they said it was because of GST but they didn’t mention the tax in bill,” said Mohd Abid Khan.

“GST is affecting sales because the price of each item has increased by Rs 20 to 30. It depends from item to item. But people are not ready to accept this and we have to bargain a lot,” said Shahnawaz, who sells electronic items at Press Complex.

Similarly, Santosh Shivhare who sells helmets and glasses at Jail Road said, “No doubt, we are exempted from GST because our annual turnover is less than Rs 20 lakh. But the wholesalers from whom we purchase goods are charging higher price than earlier in the name of GST. Recently, we purchased a helmet for Rs 250 but after GST they are charging Rs 280 and they didn’t give any bill to me.”

“Still, we didn’t think to hike the price my biryani because we recently opened our shop after Ramzan. We will think over it later. However, the price of chicken and rice has increased in the market,” Rahimuddin, who has been selling Biryani for 28 years in Jail Road said.

Rashmi Acharya, a student said, “We purchased footwear from a roadside vendor in New Market and for this they charged Rs 30 more than its original price in the name of GST.”

Mahesh Sharma, who works in a private firm, said, “We recently purchased one packet of Rajshree gutka for Rs 12 whereas its original price is Rs 10. When I asked its reason, the shopkeeper said it was because of GST. It is same happening with cigarette.”