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Bhopal: Girls are safe with us, claim children home officials


Bhopal: Officials of children’s homes in the city are anxious after the incidents of Deoria and Muzaffarpur and have become more concerned about the security of residents of such shelters. The fact came to light on Thursday when Free Press visited three such shelters in the state capital to check the security measures adopted by the management of the protection home.

At 3pm Free Press reached Government Balika Grih, near Police Line, Nehru Nagar. However, its head Antonia Ekka Kuzur denied entry to the Free Press and also refused an interaction.  From the other side of the locked gate a caretaker, Prerna Tiwari told Free Press that that total number of girls in the facility in age group 6 to 18 years is 51.

“Girls are quite safe here. Four female security guards are on duty 24X7 in four shifts in the facility. Some girls study in private schools nearby and we drop and receive them from schools at fixed hours,” she said.  Free Press also visited two more children’s homes in the city including Bal Niketan run by non-government organization near Nadira Bus Stand and  Shaskiye Pashchatvarti Grih (for women in the age group of 18-20 years), near BJP Office in Arera Colony.

The situation at these homes were same. Though the officials were alert towards security, but they were a bit relax in comparison the Balika Grih. They allowed Free Press to interact with the children, but in their presence. Head of Bal Niketan Hariom Sharma said, “Total strength of children in our facility is 62 including 17 boys and 45 girls. No untoward incident has occurred in the past 32 years in our establishment. We are here for children’s security. We have installed 10 CCTV cameras and three guards for 24X7 vigil.”

Bal Niketan warden, Rekha Tiwari, said, “We can permit you to meet children only if you have written permission from trust. Girls are safe here. We have been here for 11 years nothing untoward has happened so far. Gents are not allowed to visit girls’ hostel.”

“22 women reside in our facility. We have installed 3 CCTV cameras and four security female guards for their safety. We provide all amenities to them. Security gurads accompany them if they go shopping,” said Kirti Singh, head of the Shaskiye Pashchatvarti Grih. There are 11 government and non-government children’s homes in the state capital.

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