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Bhopal: Four-wheel owners ignore SC ban on tinted glass


Bhopal: As per a Supreme Court order passed in 2012, there has to be a complete ban on tinted glasses in the vehicles, but in the capital of the state, it seems that many people are willingly violating the order by tinting the glasses of their vehicles. Many four-wheeler owners in Bhopal seem to be ignorant about the fact that the use of tinted glass, irrespective of degree of visibility, cannot be used as a matter of security. One can easily see cars with fully black glasses running freely on capital roads.

In the year, 2012 a Supreme Court bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India, SH Kapadia after passing the order asked the police to take stern action against the violators. While passing the order, it cited security concern as the main reason and said that the criminals majorly use advantage of the vehicles fitted with black glasses to escape after committing any crime. “It is highly surprising that despite Supreme Court order, vehicles specially four-wheelers are seen having tinted glasses which are completely opaque. I think such cars pose a danger to the security and safety of other citizens as if involved in a hit and run case, the driver of that car would be able to easily escape as the people during that incident would not be able to see him due to the tinted glasses,” said Ramesh Bain, a commuter having a motorbike in New Market locality.

Another commoner who identified himself as Vijay Khare, a student living in Gulomohar locality in the city said that the cars with black tinted glasses pose a danger to the security and safety of the women in the city. “With crime against women in the state increasing every day, vehicles with tinted glasses only adds to the concern of their safety. Criminals may easily abduct a woman in such a car and rape her inside it like the infamous Nirbhaya rape incident of Delhi in 2012. Stringent actions should be taken against the violators in the city before any unfortunate incident happens here,” said Khare.

Speaking to Free Press on the issue, additional superintendent of police (Traffic), Sameer Yadav said that police regularly runs campaign against such vehicles in the city and penalise the offenders accordingly. “If any vehicle is found with a tinted glass then a fine of Rs 1,000 is imposed on the owner of vehicle according the norms and regulations. The Supreme Court order regarding the tinted glass is purely a safety concern. There is a misperception among the people that tinted glass of some 20-30% visibility is allowed which is totally wrong as no such provision exists. Only curtains are allowed in the vehicles which can be removed in case of a security check,” added Yadav.