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Bhopal: Foresters not ready with plan if tiger enters city outskirts


BHOPAL: Tigers have always been the talk of the town because of their movements in the residential areas on the state capital outskirts. In last few days the movement of tigers has again increased in the adjoining areas of the city which are near forests. Repeated movements in Bhanpur and Samasgarh villages have been reported in last one week and movement of a tiger was also spotted near Danish Hills in Bhopal on Monday. Conservator of forests SP Tiwari has confirmed that the movement of tigers have increased and they have been spotted in these areas. He also said that in Kerwa and Kaliyasot forests three tigers are moving very frequently. Tiger T1, T121 and T122 have been identified to be moving in Kerwa and Kaliyasot region. “Tiger T122 is searching for his territory and that is its movement is maximum. He has been spotted in Samasgarh village, where he has been searching for prey. There are about 10 tigers in forests near Bhopal, Obedullaganj and Dahod”, informed Tiwari. The movements of the tigers have increase due to the territorial fights among each other and shrink in their movement area. The territory of a tiger ranges between 25 to 40 kilometers, which has decreased due to human settlements. Patrolling have been increased in the areas but the forest departments, yet has no proper planning to deal with the situation if a tiger enters the adjoining colonies. On November 19, a tigress killed a 17 year old in Hoshangabad. As of now, the forest officials have just warned the villagers to stay alert and asked the rangers to keep close watch on the movement and have appointed teams for continuous patrolling there.