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Bhopal: Flights delayed, trains run late by several hours


BHOPAL: The fog continued to disrupt air, train and vehicular traffic for second consecutive day on Sunday in the state. Fifty metres visibility was recorded at various places like Bhopal, Gwalior, Chambal, Khajuraho, Jabalpur, Rewa, Satna and other cities located in northern belt of the state.

Flights landing and take off was delayed due to fog. Shatabdi Express (12002) was delayed by over 5 hours. The flights which were delayed include Delhi-Bhopal AI-436, Bombay-Bhopal (634), Mumbai -Bhopal Jetkonnet and Mumbai-Bhopal Jetairways.

Similarly, various trains ran late. Rapti Sagar was delayed by over 5 hours, Sachkhand Express was delayed by over 18 hours, Gondwana Express was delayed by 17 hours, Kerala Express was delayed by over three hours, Anandham Express was delayed by over nine hours, AP Express was delayed by over 15 hours, Bareily -mumbai Express by over 8 hours.

In Bhopal, it was very poor visibility. People came out on road for Run Bhopal Run marathon race at 6:00AM and it was almost 50 meter visibility in the city. As the day passed on, the visibility improved and by 10:30 it was 800 meter.

Due to fog, night temperature soared and it was above normal all over the state. However, day temperature reduced nominally.

Ten degree Celsius was recorded at various places like Shivpuri, Raisen, Guna and Gwalior. It was the lowest temperature in the state. Bhopal recorded maximum temperature of 25.4°C which was 2°C below normal while it recorded a minimum temperature of 13.6°C which was 2°C above normal. As per the meteorological department, chances of fog is likely at few places over Chambal, Sagar, Rewa divisions and Gwalior, Datia, Shivpuri, Katni, Shahdol and Umaria districts. Situation is more or less same in other places in the state as far temperature is concerned.  Night temperature is likely to fall after fog vanishes.

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