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Bhopal: Fake social media accounts turning out to be a ban for women


Bhopal: Fake profiles running on social networking sites bother us all and we try to avoid entertaining any strange person on such sites to avoid trouble. However, in a profession where we are supposed to accept friend requests of strangers, what can one do, especially women?

Women who are voluntarily doing social work and meeting dozens of people in a day face this kind of situation. They spot a friend request on social networking sites and feel that they know the person or must have met in a get together or some other programme.

Once they accept it, the trouble begins.

  • Similar views were shared by another member of the club Rakhi Bhargava, who said that she used to receive several friend requests initially. “I got my profile locked to avoid unwanted friend requests but few miscreants started sending me messages. These fake profilers start conversation with a simple hello. I grew suspicious when they started seeking personal details after which I consulted with my fellow group members and realised that other members of my group have blocked the profile. Sometimes we share the screen shot of the profile on our timeline to expose the person,” she adds.
  • Another victim of cyber bullying Nitu Singh said that she has blocked several such profiles and is now cautiously accepts friend requests. Though, the group members need to stay in touch with new members for which social networking sites are a better platform but we have faced cyber bullying so we are now cautious and avoid accepting friend requests if we are not sure of the identity. If there is any such profile which is bothering you, you must report it to Facebook, she adds. She feels that we should use the features of Facebook to ensure strong security on our profile.
  • The person on other side turns out to be a male and has got himself added in your profile posing as female through a fake account, says Anshu Gupta, a member of NH 12 creative women’s club. We realise that he is not the person we thought once he sends messages in our inbox. Such people dampen our spirits as we become cautious while accepting even genuine friend requests, she adds.


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