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Bhopal: Dry weather prevails in state, wait for rains gets longer


Bhopal: Monsoon was expected to hit city by now but the sky is mostly clear with occasional swathes of clouds and the temperature is hovering around 40 degrees Celsius. According to weatherman, the wait for the much-awaited rains may get longer.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Bhopal, officials forecast that the advent of monsoon in state has been delayed by about three days. The maximum temperature recorded in Bhopal on Sunday was 38.2 degree Celsius while the minimum was 26.3 degree Celsius. The highest temperature recorded in Madhya Pradesh was 41.8 degree Celsius in Damoh and Tikamgarh.

The IMD, Bhopal has forecast that on Monday, Bhopal would record the maximum temperature at 38 degree Celsius and the minimum at 26 degree Celsius. The day would be mostly cloudy with rains along with some lightening in some parts of the city.
The IMD, Bhopal officials had earlier forecast that the monsoon would reach Bhopal and other major cities between June 14 and 16 and latest by 18. But of-late due to some weather developments in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, the department has now forecast the onset of monsoon in Bhopal and state by June 19-20. “The main reason behind the delay in the monsoon is the weakening if the monsoon system in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Apart from this, there is the presence of an upper-air anti-cyclone system in the eastern part of state which is also the reason behind weakening of monsoon coming towards the state and less cloud formation,” said director, IMD, Bhopal, Anupam Kashyapi.

Kashyapi also said that the southern part of the state is witnessing rains with lightening but they are pre-monsoon rains and not of monsoon. “One of the important aspects of monsoon in the state is the wind flow towards south-west direction. Though there is another system developing in the Bay of Bengal which is an ‘upper air cyclone’ formation. It would become strong in the next two-three days near Odisha and Andhra Pradesh’s coast. By June 19, monsoon would again become active and touch the extreme southern part of Madhya Pradesh. It would later touch the major cities including Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur all on the same day on June 20,” he said adding that it would cover the whole state by June 28. “As of now the farmers should plough their fields but avoid sowing seeds for some days,” he added.