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Bhopal: Dipping ground water level causing falling of trees


Bhopal: According to data provided by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), over 200 trees have fallen in the last twenty days. On Tuesday, a 50-year-old tree in Chandbad area fell down due to the blow of winds which clearly indicates there is something the concerned ones should take notice of.

The depletion of ground water table in the city is weakening the roots of the trees which has led to a surge in falling of trees in the city in the past few days, says water activist KG Vyas. Vyas said that the roots of trees go down the earth up to 20 feet or so while the water level has gone down below 40 to 50 feets in certain areas which is why they are weakening and are likely to fall with a blow of wind.

A retired conservator of forest and wildlife activist Jagdish Chandra when contacted said that the trees with weak roots are like a child affeted with polio. On an average, ten trees are falling dailly in the city while these trees had withstood the odds for several decades.

The ground water table in the city is depleting, becaue residents are drawing out water through pumps and hand pumps or tubewells. On an average, around ten days are falling everyday while the number can be higher than this as this is the data excluding the fallen trees which were removed by the locals without informing the BMC.