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Bhopal: Depot Square traders want urgent washing of roads to settle down dust


BHOPAL: The traders of Depot Chouraha near New Market have welcomed the Bhopal Municipal Corporation “Mera Pran: Bhopal No 1” campaign provided it is implemented honestly.

Mayor Alok Sharma is getting the markets and roads washed in the night under the campaign.

Traders of the area are facing problems because of the dust being kicked up by vehicles passing by the under-construction six-lane road. And the construction is going on and on for the past six months. Not only the traders but also customers are facing problems. They face difficulties in breathing when they approach shops. This is translating into loss of business for traders. So they urgently want that the market should be washed.

If BMC washes Depot Square roads, the dust will settle. It will be good for them. So they have welcomed the campaign provided it is implemented honestly.

Manish Kumar

“It is good thing as in our locality, work is on for 6-lane roads but it is too slow. If water is sprinkled, it will lessen the problem. Dust damages business.  Entire market has not picked up just because of dust and unsystematic development of the market.”

Ashish Kumar

“With movement of heavy vehicles like low-floor buses and public transport, dust flies around and creates problems not only for the traders but also customers. Even commuters face problems on roadside as they inhales maximum dust so they develop sneezing.”

Akhil Saxena

“Dust has become a big headache for us. Daily we clean the glasses of shelves but in spite of it, there is layer of dust on items. There is an urgent need for water.”

Lokesh Mishra

“This campaign should be intensified in the city to keep roads and market neat and clean”

Girish Artwani

“BMC campaign to wash the roads and markets in the night is good provided it is implemented with honesty. Dust has become a big headache for us. Water will settle the dust and it will be a big relief for us.”