Bhopal: Danger looms large in murky alleys of city


Bhopal: Three months down the line, administration’s promise to install street lights on dark stretches of streets in the wake of gang-rape incident remains just that – a promise.

Collector and then DIG had walked down dark alleys of the city after the horrific incident and had assured installation of street lights but to no avail as many areas continue to lurk in darkness even today. The Gautam Nagar area, close to the site where a 19-year-old UPSC aspirant was gang raped last year, is sans proper illumination. Safety, particularly of students is one of the main concerns, as a number of students frequent this area even during night hours.

BMC though have installed street lights in some part of the area, but most of them are nonoperational. There is pitch dark in many parts of the colony making residents insecure.  Rachna Nagar, another residential area near the infamous incident site, houses a number of hostels and paying guests accommodations where students from different parts of the state are residing.

Major portion of the colony remain in dark as most of the street lights are defunct but the civic authorities are least bothered about the lurking danger.  Riding down to dimly lit Kasturba Nagar, near Habibganj railway station, on a two wheeler give students goose bumps. Street lights installed in the area are much less than required, besides many of them do not work.

Driving down to these areas special during late evening hours make people feel unsafe. The condition of roads connecting AIIMS to Awadhpuri is no different. Most of the lights on road linking Shakti Nagar to Saket Nagar are nonfunctional.  When concerns of the residents were put before the local corporator Geeta Tomar, she assured to take required steps to instill the feeling of security among people. She informed that worm on installation of smart lights is underway and will be completed soon, while the defunct street lights will either be changed or repaired, she added.

Local MLA Babulal Gaur stating that roads should be sufficiently illuminated, said that if there are shadow areas he would speak to the authorities for the reasons behind it. DIG Dharmendra Chowdhary admitted that roads where streets lights are not working is a cause of concern specially for women safety. The DIG said that he himself have spotted such areas and would talk to Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) commissioner as safety of residents is a responsibility of every department.

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