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Bhopal: Chitrakoot outcome points at rising anti-incumbency against BJP


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Bhopal: The Congress’ victory and BJP’s defeat in Chitrakoot, coming, as it does, after a similar outcome in Ater, indicates at the changing political equations in the state. The BJP juggernaut seems to be floundering. While the BJP had lost Ater with a wafer-thin margin of 800 votes, in Chitrakoot, it has been vanquished with a decisive margin of 14,000-plus votes. Clearly, the anger against the government is growing.

Political analysts may have their own takes on the Chitrakoot outcome but what is certain is that anti-incumbency against the government is rising. The government schemes, which were mainstay of the BJP’s poll plank, had failed to impress, much less benefit, the electorate.

The BJP government, which had come to power in the state in 2003, riding on the twin planks of (lack of) power, roads and water seems to be failing on all the three fronts. The announcements made by the chief minister in Chitrakoot nine years back still remain just that – announcements. Neither government officers nor BJP leaders are in touch with the people.

Chitrakoot has voted against the government, which is headed by Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The government has to face two other by-elections – Mungaoli and Kolaras – before the assembly polls. It should better realise that winds of change are blowing across the state.

The BJP began with choosing the wrong candidate. Instead of former MLA Surendra Gaharwar, it decided to field Shankar Dayal Tripathi, who was an unknown face in the constituency. The BJP, as usual, banked on its poll management. Besides half-a-dozen ministers and two dozen MLAs, UP deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya was also roped in for campaigning. And so were central BJP leaders. The local BJP workers had to play second fiddle to these leaders.

Leader of opposition Ajay Singh believes that Chitrakoot has voted against the government. People are sick of his hollow announcements. The government schemes are yet to be implemented at the ground level.  State BJP chief Nandkumar Chouhan has conceded defeat that has said that the party will ruminate on the cause of its defeat. He has also said that Chitrakoot is one of the traditional seats of the Congress.

Political analyst Girijashankar opines that BJP losing with a greater margin in Chitrakoot than in Ater points at the growing anger against the government. Now, it is up to the government to take corrective measures.