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Bhopal: Chief Minister visits alma mater, gets nostalgic


BHOPAL: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached his alma mater ‘Govt Sanjay Gandhi Higher Secondary School, No.-1, Shivaji Nagar in the city on Tuesday. Chouhan had studied at this school in classes 6th to 8th in 1969. Chouhan during his visit interacted with the school students.

Chouhan narrated stories to children and refreshed his memories of his school. He told a story of best archer Arjuna, who passed a test conducted by his teacher, Guru Dronacharya. Chouhan told students, citing the story, it is necessary to focus on goal for success. He also narrated a story related to Gandhi’s school life.

 Gandhiji had said that he would prefer to fail the test but not to copy down.

Chouhan turned nostalgic during his visit.

 He said he used to come on foot to his school from Ravishankar Nagar. He was taught by Kashyap Sir and Shailbala Madam. He said he could

become a better person with the education he acquired from this school and by the blessings of his teachers.