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Bhopal: Cashless transaction only means mobile recharge, online shopping


BHOPAL: The prime minister’s demonetisation move has moved many Bhopalites towards cashless transactions and payment methods through debit and credit cards and mobile applications.

But housewives in the state capital are limited to only online shopping and mobile recharges when it comes to opt cashless transactions and the reasons for them not adapting to the change in the economy is more about the traditional form of the society and not technological change.

When The Free Press Journal talked to few ladies, we found that most of them did not feel the need to learn more than what they were doing.


Sangeeta Johri, 38


“I have no idea about online payments. I do order things online but it is very easy to operate the apps and sites. I mostly place order on COD (cash on delivery) and that is for which I don’t even need to use cards. I have seen many times the product is not up to the mark, so it is safe to not prepay for the order. As of managing my bank account my husband does that. I seldom manage it. I just keep track of the expenses to avoid overspending on anything”, said Sangeeta.


Anita Verma, 42


Verma feels that the time for her to learn anything new has gone. “I place online orders through Flipkart, Amazon, etc and I never felt the need of learning more about e-banking or mobile banking. I don’t even manage my account. I have a joint account with my husband and I use the credit card for payment. So managing or learning about new banking methods is really not needed”.


Sonam Singh, 36


“I have two bank accounts, one is a joint account and another one is personal. But I rarely need to manage my accounts because I have credit card for payments. We are a joint family and everything comes in bulk. When it comes to my personal needs, I often use card to pay while shopping. I am aware of the scenario due to demonetisation but there are certain advantages of living in joint family”, said Singh.



Sakshi Ahuja, 29


“I know online payments and using debit and credit cards but I didn’t have to use my card for any payment. My husband mostly does all the payments. For mobile recharge of course I use Paytm. I live with my brother in-law and husband and if I need anything, I ask them to get it for me. Frankly demonetisation has not effected me personally but has definitely effected my family because we had to hold back on expenses”, said Ahuja.