Bhopal: BU convocation function, students welcome new dress code


Bhopal: Barkatullah University will hold its first convocation with students and others wearing traditional dresses. The convocation function will be held on February 24.

The university issued guidelines for students, teachers and dignitaries to wear the dress as per guidelines issued by state higher education minister Jai Bhan Singh Pavaiya last year. Akhilesh Pratap Singh Universitty of Rewa and Jeevaji University of Gwalior have already followed suit.

Free Press talked to a section of BU students about the new dress code for the convocation ceremony. Excerpts

Abhinav Bhargav, researcher in physics department

The initiative by the minister to introduce innovation in dress code is appreciable. This change imparts a sense of oneness. The colours are decent and I believe it will work as an indicator of our socio-cultural spirit.

Parul Gurjar, researcher in bioscience department

The new dress code reflects the ancient traditional garb and also wearing this will give the students a chance to feel like a classic scholar of past.

Swapnil Patel, student union president

I appreciate this step of the government, which would motivate us to understand our cultural heritage better. But I think there are more important issues other than dress codes for improving higher education on which government should act on priority basis.

Yogendra, researcher

I think this is a wonderful decision. It makes us understand the rich cultural diversity of Indian society. We don’t need to follow blindly the path shown by western world.

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