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Bhopal: BU, college students fret as semesters run late


Bhopal: Two universities and private engineering colleges in state capital don’t seem to be adhering to academic calendar because of which semester examinations are getting delayed by months. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University, many departments in Barkatullah University and engineering colleges affiliated to Rajeev Gandhi Technical Universities were unable to run semesters on time.

Atal Hindi University conducted examination of odd semesters for academic session of 2017-18 from January 16 to January 25. “The classes of even semesters began on February 1,” said Adarsh Pandey, a BA first-semester student of fine arts. Atal Hindi University registrar Pare told Free Press, “The odd semester begins in first week of July and ends in last week of December. Odd semester should start from first week in accordance with academic calendar.”

Semesters are running late in physical education, pharmacy, University Institute of Technology (UIT) and other departments in faculty of life sciences of Barkatullah University. The semesters in UIT and pharmacy are running late by six months. BU student union president Swapnil Patel said, “Semesters in UIT were delayed by six months because of examination of zero semester. This zero semester examination was conducted illegally to facilitate failed students of first semester to pass examination. Varsity has not completed central valuation of answer books of last semester examination.”

A RGPV II year student Rohit Ban said, “Examination of first semester in UIT and examination in colleges affiliated to RGPV were conducted after December 25. This led to delaying of semesters.” The examination for third, fifth and seventh semester were conducted from November25 to December 20 in UIT. But these examinations were also conducted late in other affiliated colleges.