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Bhopal: BJP wants to monopolise corruption says Mohan Prakash


BHOPAL: AICC general secretary state in-charge Mohan Prakash, speaking at a press conference here on Friday, said that the BJP wants monopoly over corruption. He said the Congress will demonstrate against demonetisation and launch a padyatra on January 6. Prakash said BJP wants its monopoly on corruption. He claimed that BJP is terming demonetisation as an act against corruption but it is weakening the institutions working against corruption.

Prakash said the 50 days time, sought by the Prime Minister Modi, has ended. He asked under which law a person can be asked not to withdraw his own money from banks. He said no law can decide about use of currency. Prakash alleged that PM Modi has become an agent of foreign companies in the name of cashless transaction.

Citing the side effects of demonetisation, Prakash said Modi on 9/11 did what terrorists did on 8/11 in USA and its consequences would be far reaching. He claimed that the demonetisation move has lowered the image of Reserve Bank of India and Indian currency. The manufacturing units of Chanderi and power loom in the state have come to a halt.

Prakash alleged that the central government, after the failure of the demonetisation move, is now shifting blame on banks. He said banking personnel deposited Rs 14 lakh crore in merely 50 days. He claimed that lakhs have been recovered from people and it is not possible without help from RBI officers and top officials.

No change in state leadership

Mohan Prakash said there is no possibility of change in leadership in the state. He said defeat of Congress in elections cannot be linked to demonetisation.