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Bhopal: ASI to restore old glory of Kamlapati Palace


The archeological survey of India (ASI) will soon take up the conservation and restoration work of the historic Kamlapati palace which today lies in ruins. The conservation, scheduled to start from coming December, would begin from the rear portion of the structure located along the Lower Lake. The palace is the reminder of the glorious history of the first Gond king of Bhopal queen Kamlapati. The conservationists would employ traditional methods to restore the old structure, which have stood the test of time.  To revive the lost glory of the old palace organic materials including, jiggery, urad pulse, lime and other natural ingredients would be used.  The first phase of the renovation work will cost the central agency Rs 35 lakh.

The ASI protected monument has lost its beauty owing to slow decay over a period of time. Today the palace lies in ruins with grass and fungus withering the age-old structure. The restorers will clear the palace ramparts of the accumulated rain water. The openings in the fountain in the bath area will also be cleared to help release the stored water.  Once the restoration work is done, the channel which today remained locked will be opened for public. The conservation work also includes installation of fencing on large-sized windows.

ASI conservation assistant Vijay Sharma when contacted said that the first phase of the restoration work will include the renovation of the backyard that also include bath area. After the rains, the palace will be cleared of the wild grass which has almost covered the entire area, said Sharma. We will use jiggery, lime, urad and other conventional ingredients for the restoring the palace, these methods were deployed in past to keep the structure intact, he added.

An amount of Rs 35 lakh would be spent in the first phase to restore the backyard and stairs of the palace, said Sharma. Once the restoration is completed, the portion will be opened for the tourists, added Sharma. Kamlapati palace is the only monument in the city to be protected by the central agency ASI and is a reminder of the glorious history of the city.