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Bhopal: An entrepreneur, a writer and an inspiration at 18


BHOPAL: A happy go lucky person, an outspoken personality, youngest female social entrepreneur of Madhya Pradesh awardee and just 18-year-old, Huda Mokarram is setting examples for all young women. Once a patient of granuloma and depression, Huda recalls, “When I was just 5, I was told by my relatives that I was not wanted. I am the third daughter of my parents and everybody was expecting a boy. I was treated for nine years for granuloma. When I was 7, I was sent to my father in Bilaspur, where he was posted and my mother was in Bhopal. I felt very annoyed and that was actually the time when I got close to my father. After a few years, I was sent back to Bhopal and I lived at my maternal uncle’s house.”

She added, “It was during that time that I started getting upset and got into depression. I stopped talking and did not share anything with anyone. My mother tells me that seeing my condition, doctors suggested her that I will not be able to take load of studies so she should not send me to school. But see today I am as fit and still studying, only because of my mother. She worked really hard on me.”

Huda is the proud owner of Jamboree social event management, which she started in August 2016 with an event named ‘Abhimaan’ and now she has other businesses running under the same name which are Jamboree personality development classes, Jamboree packers and movers.

“I started Jamboree at a time when I was struggling out of a difficult phase of my life. And that has made me stronger. It was during that phase I decided to speak out and talk to people. In depression, people stop talking and that’s what had happened to me. So I decided that I wanted to make my words my power,” she said.

About her venture Jamboree, she said, “I am proud of what I am doing. Jamboree has 65 women who come from poor section and 99 per cent of these women were victims of domestic violence. Now when I see them working independently with me, I feel satisfied and proud of them.”

She is also the president of Lions Club International and has also received Kala Ratna Samman along with Nari Samman. Presently, she is working on developing a cab rental service only for women, where she aspires to keep female drivers and female attendants only. Also, she is working on her novel pursuing her knack for writing.