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Bhopal: All-women Sukriti Group holds 4-day summer camp for kids


BHOPAL: To bring awareness among children, ‘Sukrati’ Group has organised a four-day summer camp for children, where they will be teaching them about social issues and conduct activities which children have forgotten.

Sukrati is an all-women group started by women residents of Saket Nagar. It works to promote women’s empowerment and bring social changes. As a part of their motto, they have organised the mini summer camp, where they will also take sanskar classes of students to teach them moral values.

The Group started the camp with a cleaning drive to inform the children about the Swachh Bharat Mission. About 50 children and 15 group members cleaned the spot of the camp and nearby areas. The kids were taught about the need to keep the surroundings clean. “Our motto is to make the coming generation aware about the problems society is facing and cleanliness is one of them. We have not just asked the children to keep their surroundings clean but have also asked them to educate others. This way, they feel motivated and encouraged,” said one of the group members.

Keeping the timing of the camp in morning and evening only, member Pragati Shrivastav said they were focusing on activities in which children had stopped taking interest like outdoor games. “We have organised the camp where cricket, kho-kho, dance classes will be taken. We noticed that children have stopped playing games outdoors and take interest in virtual games only,” said Pragati.