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Bhopal: Admin’s apathy dampens festive spirit


Dug-up roads in the city are causing hassles to public during Navratri. In fact, during this time of the year, most of the thoroughfares in the city remain overcrowded as thousands of devotees flock to Puja Pandals. One side of the road is burrowed and on the other side there are Pandals. So the main roads are chock-ablock with pedestrians, two-wheelers and cars. Besides causing traffic gridlock, the pandals and dugup roads also increase number of accidents.

Some residents said it is true that rain damages roads. Since the festive season comes just after the rain, the administration by digging up roads adds more miseries to people’s sufferings. Some residents also said that though they pay taxes, they have no way to walk on. Deputy Commissioner Bhopal Municipal Corporation Harish Gupta said, “This is the matter of district government. I do not know which agency is doing this. When I will come to know I will inform you.” Free Press talk to some of the people to know what inconvenience they were facing to apathy of the civic body. Excerpts

“Pandalsareblockingthe road dugup roads are creating a worse scenario. Proper action must be taken by government authorities.”

Malay Pathak, Theater Artist

“During the festive season, I have to face many problems while commuting due to Pandals which block the footpaths. Sometimes I am unable to reach my place of work on time. Besides the bumpy rides that I have to make daily causes backache.

Nishi JaiN, Teacher

“Pandals and dug-up roads lead to more traffic and more fuel is consumed that too at this time when the price of fuel is sky rocketing,”

Raju Aggrawal, Businessman

“These pandals have already blocked the road and construction work on roads is an example of careless attitude of government. Improper roads lead to frequent accidents.”

Astha SRivastava, College student



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