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Bhopal: Accepting & working in right direction key to tackling Down Syndrome, feel parents


BHOPAL: Down Syndrome is a genetic condition which results in a different physical and mental growth. Often children with Down Syndrome are not accepted by the society and most of the time people realise the problem the child with Down Syndrome faces and often term it as a mental incapability.

But there are families who agreed to share how wonderfully their lives changed with their child born with Down Syndrome. Having faced some initial challenges in understanding the condition, these families are now proud of their children and also give them the credit of helping them understand life better. They all had one thing in common to say, parents of kids with Down Syndrome should immediately accept the fact and get consultation on how to handle the child and provide him/her the needed exposure.

“When he was born, my mother was shocked but soon everyone in our family accepted him as a normal child. Shubham is a very talented boy. He loves music and traveling. He actually is a boon for our family. He got a prize from Gulzar, making the family proud. Today my mother proudly says that her son is not like those boys who do not respect elders and their parents, and he does no bad things like others do,” she said.

Deeplai Tiwari Virk, sister of happy go lucky Shubham

“My life has changed and I have grown more after Vikas came in our life. When he was born, we could not understand what, why and how but my close friend and doctor told me that I am gifted with a special child who is born in 1,000 children. Vikas is not just a boy with Down Syndrome, he is my lucky charm. After knowing his syndrome, we did lots of consultancy with doctors and learnt how to handle our child. I would agree that social acceptance and handling a child with Down Syndrome is a challenge but it is no different than raising a child, a normal child as people say.”

Lalit Khare and son Vikas.

“Raising a child with Down Syndrome is very challenging to be frank. Initially we were also taken a little aback and wondered why our child was born with this syndrome. But soon we accepted the fact and everything changed after that. Kirti is such a bright and a wonderful girl. Everything in our life now happens as per Kirti. Her younger sister Sneha has also realised that Kirti needs special attention. When we accepted the syndrome she has, we actually got in the right direction. She goes to Arushi and it is because of them, Kirti has got so much exposure, which is very important for a child with Down Syndrome. I would request all those parents to not hide their child if he or she has this syndrome. The child just needs a little extra care and exposure,” said Ravi Trivedi

Ravi Trivedi, proud father of Kirti Trivedi