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Bhopal: 5 months into academic year, govt waits for ‘suitable date’ to pay scholarships


BHOPAL: The school education department has completed the preparations for transferring scholarships of around 85 lakh students into their bank at a click but is waiting for a suitable date – this, when the academic year is almost halfway through.

ACS Dipti Singh informed Free Press that the verification of the accounts of the students has been done and the bank officials have synchronised their system with that of the department.

“We are only waiting for a suitable date on which we can organise a function in which the transfer can be done at a click. May be, we will do it in the first week of December”.

Earlier it was decided to transfer the amounts on October 14 by the hands of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he came to Bhopal to inaugurate the Shaurya Smarak. But that could not happen due to the PM’s tight schedule.

There are around 1.50 crore school students in the state with Samagra IDs. Of them, around 85 lakh have been found eligible for scholarships. The NIC officials informed that they have developed software in which the student’s have to fill in the required information and it automatically segregates them as per the criterion for different scholarships.

Nine different departments are providing 30 types of the scholarships to the students. The government has sanctioned Rs. 597 crores for the scholarships for the current year.