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Bhopal: 4 audios go viral in MLA Katare case


BHOPAL: “CM house knows the issue, Arvind Bhadoria, Ashok Bhadoria, Munnalal Bhadoria also know the issue and I don’t want to meet Arvind, he is a small man. I will talk to Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” this is what the girl had stated while talking to MLA Hemant Katare in one of the audio went viral on social media on late Sunday evening.

An SIT has been formed to investigate into MLA Hemant Katare blackmailing-rape-kidnapping case. The SIT is camping in Ater in search of MLA Hemant Katare. The police have come to know that MLA is in Delhi. On Sunday late night, four audios went viral in social media. One of this is related to chat between Katare and the girl. Latter in the same audio, she said, “Fight is between Scindias, so I should talk to Shivraj Singh Chouhan.” The first audio is a chat between Katare and Vikramjeet.

It is claimed that Katare and Vikarmjeet are chatting, Vikarmjeet is talking about the girl, who had contacted him to settle the case. The second audio shows chatting between Katare and Vikramjeet. The Vikramjeet is expressing himself as a good man and doesn’t want to defame Katare, but the girl wants to expose Katare at any cost. The fourth audio is between Vikarmjeet and Katare. In this, Vikramjeet is informing about the timeline of the payment.