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Bhopal: 21 visually impaired children taught to use android phone


Bhopal: How do we feel when suddenly light went out and it’s dark all over? We try to locate things, find our ways towards candle and other sources of light. We feel helpless and try to hold of any light as fast as possible.

Now, imagine the life of those who cannot see at all and there is no source with which they can see the light of the world. To help find light of education and daily walks of life, Sight Saver, an NGO, organised training camps for visually impaired children and in one such training, Swagat Sinha, a freelance trainer and a social worker took the charge of training 21 children, to operate touch phones for their benefit.

These 21 children from three districts, viz Jabalpur, Katni and Hoshangabad, for the first time held an android phone in their hands and the smile on their face, after learning how to operate a mobile phone was clearly visible. This was the first time in Madhya Pradesh, when visually impaired children have been trained to operate mobile phones. Using the talk balk feature of the android phones, these children of class 6th to 12th have learnt how to open applications, locating apps, calling, reading through phone and some basic features in just three days. One of the students, Nikki Patel shares, “I will use this phone for studying because now I know how to operate internet, read books. Sir has also provided us e-books also. I will read those books too”.

Like Nikki, Bholaram says, “This will help me to get any job because I will learn new things with this. Earlier, I didn’t know anything about mobiles. This is a very good thing.” Swagat Sinha, who left his job in Mumbai, is now working completely as a freelancer and wants to help blind children and people use the technology for their benefit. “Back in college, I had friends who were visually challenged. I sensed that they felt lacking behind in comparison to others. It was during college that I got associated with a Blind school and started teaching blind children to operate computer. It was an experiment but it turned out to be a success as people learned a lot and most importantly got benefited from it”, he said.

The children brought from three districts have been given mobile phones by the organization and they will also be given two more training of 10 days, for accessing the mobile phones better. “We have taught them to use it but they need practice to excel it and use it to do other things as well”, said Sinha. Bharat Patel, district training officer of Sight Saver, said, “These children never used mobile before and it is amazing to see them using it now in three days.” Other children Kumari Sudama, Sakshi, Anjana, Triveni, Rajesh, Chandan, Lalla, Pankaj in unison said that they were very happy to learn the mobile and that this will help them build a future and learn something. “We will not be dependent on anyone for out studies at least”, said Anjana while smiling and continuously opening applications on her phone.