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AIMBPLB members warn against interference in personal laws


Say Constitution allows them to practice Islamic law

BHOPAL: A section of Muslim clerics, scholars and religious leaders of Madhya Pradesh, on Monday, warned the union government against interference in religious laws. Which, they said, enjoy constitutional immunity.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) members from Madhya Pradesh, Muslim scholars and religious leaders hold a joint meeting here on Monday to discuss action plan over the issue of Triple Talaq. The members of the Board, who came from different places including Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain and Burhanpur held deliberations over the issue and decided to take a firm stand against the Centre’s interference in personal law.

At a press conference the Islamic scholars said that the Triple Talaq issue has been raised to score political points ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections.

 Islamic scholar Peer Saeed Miyan, Bhopal Shahar Qazi Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadvi and AIMPLB member Arif Masood while addressing the media warned the government against pushing Uniform Civil Code through backdoor. Muslims of the state support strongly stand with the decision of the AIMPLB over the issue of Talaq.

Shahar Quazi said that the Muslims of the country and state including women are fully satisfied with the Sharia laws especially with the Nikah, Khula and Talaq and would not accept any kind of change or interference in the Islamic laws. Constitution of India provides rights to different faiths and religions including Islam to practice their personal laws.