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After Punjab, Rahul Gandhi is now deceiving farmers of state: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, speaking during jan ashirwaad yatra in Sehore district on Thursday, said Rahul Gandhi after betraying Punjab was now deceiving the farmers of Madhya Pradesh.  The betrayed farmers of Punjab were searching for Rahul, who was now busy spreading lies here in Madhya Pradesh, said Chouhan. Chouhan, who resumed his yatra after election code of conduct coming into effect in the state, witnessed huge response. Earlier, Congress had alleged that government machinery was misused to manage audience in CM’s yatra.

He also questioned Kamal Nath about the work he had done for the welfare of farmers. Alleging that Congress always deceived people, Chouhan said the party when it was in power never bought onions from the farmers and did not give loan on zero per cent interest. Chouhan claimed that his government supported onion growers and bought their produce at Rs 8 per kg when its price had hit rock bottom at Re1 per kg.

Chouhan asked Kamal Nath to suggest Rahul that he should not deceive the state farmers as they do not want loan waiver but appropriate price of their produce. Chouhan claimed that BJP-led government at the Centre did historic work by announcing support price 1.5 times higher than the cost.

Taking at dig at Congress, Chouhan said during its 10 year rule, the party did nothing for the people and development of the state. He went on comparing the availability of necessities like electricity and drinking water during the Congress, BJP regimes. Congress government in past 60 years did nothing and turned Madhya Pradesh into a BIMARU state, but the BJP government in its 15 years has transformed it into a developed and progressive state. Now we are working toward making it a prosperous state, he added.

Chief Minister cited the project of linking of Narmada and Parvati rivers which would enable irrigation in 2.5 acre of land and Sehore and Ashta would turn into Nandanvan.

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