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Affront to voters


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Arrogance in politics is counter-productive. We don’t think Amit Shah, the go-getter president of the ruling BJP, did himself or his party any good by intoning publicly from the podium of the party’s national executive meeting in Delhi on Sunday that they are going to rule the country for the next fifty years. His exact words were: “ If we win 2019, we are going to be in power for next 50 years. Nobody can remove us.” This is not how leaders of democratic parties speak.

Even if he is certain of winning the next poll, even if he is aware that the Opposition is weak and divided, a modicum of modesty, a wee-bit of humility would do the powerful leader of the ruling party no harm. Such arrogance, nay, hubris ought to have no place in a democratic polity. Shah should not take the voters for granted, even if his objective was to talk up the morale of his cadres. He ought to have been more thoughtful in the choice of his words.