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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Getting used to the filmy world

I am an Actor. I am new to this field, I work in television soap and it’s just been 3 months that I got employed. Except a few of them, not many in this industry are from outside having no family connection, I am one of them. I work with most of the senior actors who have a lot of experience and I respect them but the situation is not the same with me. Because I have recently joined, they treat me as a college junior. They have their separate vanity vans, however they would take hours to get ready and make me wait which results in the shoot getting delayed. I tried to ignore it a few times and be friends with them, but they would kind of ignore me, interacting within themselves and having their own lunch or dinner. It has started affecting my work now so please suggest what I should do.

Ans: You seem to be in a rather hurry and being too impulsive in making judgements about your colleagues. Pay respect to the pace of your work, especially considering the nature of your work, people tend to be in their self initially as they have to put up a peculiar persona in front of others, and this creates boundaries. Since you are a fresh face, people may take time to open up to you, however ready you may seem to get friendly but they may take time and you must be patient. This could have happened in any field or even at office set up, your co workers are habitual to work in a certain way, whether it is getting ready or eating their lunch, they do not need a change in their routine, rather you need a companion at work, it’s your requirement, so you will have to work towards it, beginning with being patient. You approach them between takes, keep it light small talks, simple comments and a little humour, and as they get used to you being around on the sets, you will be noticed and then probably seek a friendly approach. Are one step at a time and you must keep in mind it’s your need and hence you take the efforts.

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I work in an IT firm. I have been here for two years and looking into my hard work and dedication for the company, I recently got promoted. I was really satisfied as I got rewarded for what I have done, but two days ago, my senior accused me that I am not capable of doing my job because I take a lot of sick leave. This is his perception but according to me I haven’t taken much leave and whatever amount of leave that has been given to me, I see to it that the work doesn’t get affected and accordingly measures were taken. My senior is unaware of this and is constantly assuming that I am taking unnecessarily leaves in order to procrastinate my job. I tried to confront him but it didn’t help. I don’t want my job to suffer due to these misunderstanding. Please help.

Ans:  there seems to be a communication gap between you and your senior which needs to be fixed and this is the cause of all confusion. You can either involve some other senior, who is more aware of your work behavior, or you can talk to the hr department to resolve the absentee issue as they may have the record for the same. You can also check with your appraisal as that may reflect your true work performance if that was not assessed by the same senior, and this can probably clarify they doubt that your senior has. On a whole with these backups you just need to clear the air between you and the senior and make him understand you end of the story and ask him what you can do that will help him to change his perspective about you, in other words getting what he expects of you and assuring him that hence forth you will try to keep that up., as all you need is a good conversation.

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Feeling frustrated

I gave an interview for the post of Marketing Supervisor in a firm and I got the job. During the interview, it was informed to me that for a month, it would be a probation period and I would have to engage in all the tasks given by the higher authorities and not specific to my job description. I was fine with it but now it has been two months and I am still stuck with fulfilling duties that is not even my job. It’s not that I am rigid but handling reception activities was not something that I had applied for. I want to explore more related to my field and move ahead towards my goal. However the schedule that I have here is pulling my morale down and I am getting frustrated now. Should I look for other opportunities?

Ans: Patience is virtue; you need to hang in there and see how things roll for you, or else if you quite now after all the waiting and hard work it will be pointless. Speak to your supervisor and try to gain sort of a win-win situation here, for instance probably they don’t assign the position that they promised to you as yet but they can at least start considering it and meanwhile give you the work that is related to your job profile. do not loose hopes based on one situation that you are faced to resolve, for all you know, you may be just expected to bring this up and discuss so that your position can be confirmed. Your supervisor must be under the impression that you are comfortable doing what is assigned to you as you aren’t denying the work or you seem to just go with the flow. Take the necessary step and mend the situation before you plan to give it up.