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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Clash of opinions

My colleague and I always have a difference in opinion. Both our ideas are effective but very different. This difference in thought leads to a lot of discussions that invariably leads to arguments. Due to this our relationship at work is not very healthy. There is a lot of egoistic tension between us all the time. This makes the workplace environment very competitive and not in a healthy way. I find it very difficult to communicate with my colleague in a normal professional manner when either of our plans gets selected. It is tough to function well and positively when there is so much ego, miscommunication and personal dislike at the workplace.   

Ans: The problems you just mentioned are somewhere a hindrance to personal as well as professional well-being. Thus, the ego and personal dislike need to be kept aside while working with people so as to get the best result. the issues between the two of you need to resolved by having a communication which isn’t charged by arguments or who’s better than whom. It should be towards making room for each other and the opinions.

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Standing by truth

I am 24 years old. I work as an assistant director. We recently found out that a few artists on set have been doing drugs. However, nobody knows who the artists are except me. I saw a bunch of people with drugs a few days back, however, when I confronted them they said that if I reveal their names to anyone, they will get me fired. I have got this job with many difficulties and have gone against my parents’ wishes. I cannot get fired. But I also want my boss to know the truth. How do I tell my boss the truth anonymously?  

Ans: You need to back your story with some evidence without which your boss may not believe you or may not be in a position to take an action against the artists doing drugs. this will also prevent from the job loss threat. Talk to someone whom you trust and involve them to brainstorm ideas to expose those people. And exposing them for right reasons is essential, thus being fearful about your job is natural. but don’t let this fear become a cause of stress for you.

Lack of appreciation

I am a 46-year-old corporate lawyer working at a very big firm. I have been facing issues with my boss and my firm recently. I have been working here for a decade now and not once I have been appreciated for my work. I am starting to feel frustrated and neglected. I have given this company my everything and have worked more hours than any other employee and I also work overtime every week. I have had issues with my family too because I am not able to give them time because of so much workload. I just want to be appreciated for the work I do. How do I show my boss my worth in this company? 

Ans: Firstly, retrospect and think about the advancement that has taken place in past 10 years for you at the workplace. If there is any sign of advancement, it could possibly be the way company might have shown its appreciation. If you still feel underappreciated, list down ways in which your company or boss could make it happen. this will give them enough to think about and consider it seriously. Also, strike a healthy balance between your work and life so as to not feel stressed at two different fronts.

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Drawing a line

I am a 32-year-old working woman. My working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, but my boss always makes me work overtime. Recently, I have noticed that he does that to only me and usually, it’s only the two of us till late. He tries to get very close to me and always finds an excuse to touch me. It is getting uncomfortable for me. The only authority I can speak to is my boss’ boss who is also my boss’ father-in-law. My boss is a decent person, but lately, he has started being over-friendly and I don’ know if it is in my head. What do I do? 

Ans: The discomfort you experience needs to be conveyed in a clear manner to your boss. if you are finding that staying back alone is an issue, request a partner or work from home option so that you spend as less as time possible with him alone. Draw the lines and request him to maintain it as things will be easier for both.