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AXILSPOT unveils new wireless solutions


Reiterating its commitment to bring out industry leading enterprise wireless solutions, AXILSPOT has rolled out AEC120 Antenna Ceiling AP for enterprises with ultra high bandwidth requirements.

The solution, belonging to the Dolphin portfolio of AXILSPOT comprises of multi-beam smart-selection Antenna System (Rscan) which comes as a patented technology developed by the company. As compared to Traditional Wi-Fi, the new system boasts of unprecedented technological advantages like automatic optimum path selection, stronger interference resistance, and higher concurrent capacity. Network beams can be formed by controlling the waveforms with different phases beamed by each antenna. These beams scan different directions, and include over 16 million different direction beams in theory. AXILSPOT harnesses algorithms to find out the optimum path connected with the client side, avoid interferences, and enhance AP wireless performances. Each AEC enterprise-level AP can be centrally operated via the AXILSPOT wireless controller, which makes large networks simple to manage and enables the entire Wi-Fi network to be faster and easier to expand as well as convenient for marketing. AXILSPOT is dedicated to provide the most consistent and highest-speed wireless coverage and transmission solution(s) – anywhere, everywhere, all the time. To know more visit: